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Episode 3: Grumpy Young Men

Join us as I talk to Nate Hunt about the joys of being a young curmudgeon.   In a world where lots of things are really terrible, people like Nate and I keep watch over pop culture horribleness, and we make sure that anyone and everyone knows how much stuff really sucks.

We also discuss the world of working angry, roadside memorials, and why I am not a New Jersey Devils fan.

Nate was in a retro-screamo band which you can check out here:

I had to make a “razor blade” edit of this one, but thanks to my skills with audacity you won’t even be able to tell.

This one has a lot of swearing and quite the discussion on irritable bowel syndrome!

Episode 2: For Love or Money

After a million years, hello!

This episode is about the difficult choice between doing something one loves or doing something that will make one a lot of money.  Our guest is Brandon Michael Taylor, who is someone facing this difficult decision right now.  We also touch on such fun subjects as why Orlando, Florida sucks, the pain of rejection, making the conscious decision of dying alone in the gutter, and why I think John Mayer is evil.  As always, there’s some mild swearing.

You can learn more about Brandon and what he is up to at

And as an added bonus Brett Zoric cooked us up a sweet instrumental outro.  You can find out about what he is up to at and