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Episode 6: I Wouldn’t Trust Anyone in Oasis to Water My Plants if I Was out of Town.

Join me as I talk to Adam Rousseau of Triggers and Chrome Baby Jesus about what it’s like to be in a band, write songs, and perform to a room full of strangers.  In the process, we also talk about when mommy chords and daddy chords love each other very much, why it’s better to be burned to death than buried alive, and just what happens to the bodies of people who fall out of airplanes.

You can find out more about the two excellent bands Adam is in at and

Adam’s used to being on the real radio so he was hesitant to swear, but I made sure I set the tone for another fine NSFW podcast.

Episode 5: Your Fantasy is No One’s Reality

Anne’s back to talk fantasy baseball geekdom.  I talk about my neurotic dealings in the sport and just how damaged I am because I am a Mets fan.  We finished this podcast at 4 AM.  Anne was on her second scotch.


Episode 4: Keeping Your Own Personal Scene Alive

Join Anne Volk and I at a 3 AM recording session as we lay out the triumphs and challenges that come once you’ve decided to die a music geek.  Hear about my old irrational anxieties when it came to running out of new music to listen to or being born at the wrong moment in history.  Listen to the utterly insane thought I have at the truly great shows.  We bond over geek moments involving our favorite bands and why not everyone joins us in the tortured life of being a music snob.  Finally, I confess to being a music hoarder, but I totally rationalize it so it’s okay, right?

As always, I can’t speak for an hour without swearing.