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Episode 8: Letting Go of Analog

In this episode, I talk with DJ Todd Keebs about how a DJ is like a priest, imperialist, or maybe just the pied piper.  We dabble in talking about how good music is transcendent, what makes a good DJ, and what DJ hell is like.   We also talk about the role of technology in our lives, and how a good DJ performance is like a  perfectly designed machine.

Todd does a whole lot so here is the run down:

Every 2nd Friday, there’s the Lazer Crunk Party at Brillowbox.

Every Wednesday there’s Fuzz at The Bloomfield Bridge Tavern (aka The Polish Party House).

He’s also in Chrome Baby Jesus.

And for all other things Keebs related, check out his Facebook page here.  (And you really should, he has one of the best profile pics ever.)

And speaking of pictures, we didn’t talk about this.  Mostly because I wasn’t ready to.

As always, I cannot not swear, sorry.  (Not really)

Episode 7: A Stitch That’s Mine

Join us in lovely and exotic Columbus, Ohio for our first on location episode!  Our guest this time around is anthropologist, quilter, and food blogger Lisa Beiswenger.  We talk about sewing . . . or at least we meant to.  But really, we talk about anthropology, the mixed-up gender signals sent by the name of her sewing machine, the difference between making and buying, why there is a little bit of hoarder in all of us, and why that feeling that you have to poop might really mean that you are moments away from death.

Also, we talk a little about sewing.  It’s our longest ever episode.

Here is the link for Lisa’s vegan baking blog called: Eat at Lu’s.

Also, there’s the white noise of fans and sirens in the background.  Sorry about that, it was HOT in Lisa’s apartment.

And as always, I can’t talk about anything without swearing a little.