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Episode 12: Escape from South Plainfield

Chris Q. Murphy and I grew up in the not very quaint nor so little town of South Plainfield, New Jersey, and we’ve chosen to live our adult lives in a lifestyle very different to how we were raised.  Chris plays us a song.  We talk about how we were raised, why and how we escaped, and finally, the special kind of cynicism only Jersey kids know.

Chris Q. Murphy is a music teacher and musician in Brooklyn, New York.  You can find out all about his music at his creatively named website  He has an amazing backup band called The Fiendish Thingies and together they have a great EP and excellent single that can be found over at his Bandcamp page.  He has a Faceplace but not a Google+.  His wife does not believe I exist. 

And as always, I cannot  not swear.