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Episode 13: Rock and Roll Rhetoric (Prequel)

We’re back from our unplanned late-summer hiatus!

In this episode, I talk to former Pittsburgh concert promoter Christopher Caresani (Aka Dr. Z).  We planned on talking about the power of lyrics to either inspire greatness or ruin a person’s life.

Instead, we talked about his awful taste in music, how he doesn’t actually like music (but swears he does), whether or not someone Elton John can inspire someone to commit a misdemeanor, and Dick Cheney.  Also, for some stupid reason I thought it would be a good idea to do a spontaneous Bruno Mars impersonation.   We will get back to our stated topic at some other time.

Christopher has a blog that he updates less often than I bother to do podcasts.  You can read it here.

As always, the f-word makes a regular appearance.