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Episode 15: It’s All Just Words, Man.

Our good friend Derek Zanetti is back to talk about Existentialism: The Musical.  If you remember Derek is The Homeless Gospel Choir, but his new project is an impressive collection of poetry and artwork you can order here.  During the podcast we talk about what it means to switch genres and how artistic forms serve certain ideas better.  It all sounds very serious, and if you watch this informational video you can find out more about what Existentialism: The Musical is all about.

As always, I swear.

Episode 14: When the Circus Leaves Town

Don’t call it a comeback . . . For this episode we speak to Lori Howsare.  Lori’s been doing theater for forever, and in this episode we talk about some of the unique temporary communities that seem to pop up when doing shows.

Check out Lori’s blog MUSEinspiredMADnesS for her random thoughts and performance schedule.

We talk about the bad old days, ebola, and why Brigadoon might just be the scariest show anyone can do.  Also, Lori has the best answer so far for the “bad porno plot” question on the bottom 5.

As always, we swear.