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Episode 16: For the Love of Extreme Personalities.

Happy New Year Everybody!  It’s was an odd end of 2013 and sad beginning of 2014.  In episode 14, Lori Howsare and I spoke about some of what it meant to do theatre.  Unfortunately, our theatre director, Mr. Kenny Resinski, who we spoke of warmly in that episode, passed away in December.  Lori came back not to do a sappy tribute show, but to explore an uncanny way Mr. Resinski changed our lives in a way that a few other people could, by teaching us to accept and admire extreme personalities.

Lori is a performance artist in Pittsburgh.  She has a blog called Muse Inspired Madness, which she sometimes types words into.  She also will be performing as part of The Pittsburgh Fringe Festival, as well as their kick off party, which will be on Thursday, January 16th.

Light swearing as usual.