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Episode 20: Make Your Own Damn Records

In this episode renaissance man Mike Seamans who is owner of Mind Cure Records, both the store and the label, stops by and talks about what it takes to run a record store in 2014.  We also discuss the strange intimacy what comes with being someone’s record dealer, The New York Times Best Seller List,  and how it’s possible to make and sell records and STILL like music.  Additionally, Mike outs Tom Hanks as a living villain of history.  Also, if you listen carefully you can hear all of my pets that make noise.

Mind Cure Records is on the second floor of 3138 Dobson St. in the Polish Hill section of Pittsburgh. You can also find them on the interwebs at  From now until June 2014, Mind Cure will be putting out a 7″ single from a Pittsburgh band on the last Saturday of every month.  Mike is also a documentary filmmaker as seen by the trailer for his upcoming film and the greatest video in the history of all media.

I couldn’t get through an episode without dropping an F-bomb.