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The Joys of Disobedience [Remixed]

In this moment of labor actions and digital compression, I thought it would be a good idea to clean up the sound and re-post this podcast from last year starring the one and only Clint Benjamin. In it we chat about what it feels like to step out of line for a good cause.

Light swearing, as always.

Episode 24: Emily Post-Structuralism

Luke Niebler is an educator, activist, and all around great person.  He is also the creative force behind Emily Post-Structuralism, a unique Tumblr account that re-imagines high theory as an advice column.   And while it is a parody of a unique style of academic writing, Luke manages to have fun with and not make fun of some of the most crucial ideas of the post-WW II period.  We also manage to talk about cats, grad school, and why we’re so damn old.

You can find Emily Post-Structuralism on Tumblr, and you can also follow Emily Post-Structuralism on Facebook.  He also wanted to give some love to Mt. Zion Press, who helped get Emily Post-Structuralism off the ground.

I don’t think we swore, but then maybe we did in the contemporary meta discursive language game we are all hailed into uttering within.