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Episode 29: My Whole Life is about Obsolete Formats

For this episode, our guest is Jason Baldinger, poet, musician, working stiff, and all around swell guy.  In this episode, we talk about creating and appreciating art in the age of austerity, or at least we meant to talk about that.  We do however end up talking about Jack Kerouac’s blind spots, St. Francis of Assisi’s dining habits, how Reagan ruined everything, and how to save gas when you’re already out.

Jason also reads some poems for us.  You can hear more at Jason’s Bandcamp page.  You really should find out more about his books The Studs Terkel Blues and The Lower Forty-Eight via his publishers NightBallet Press and Six Gallery Press.  You can buy these books from the man himself by dropping a line to He’s also in a band called Pond Hockey.

As usual there’s swearing, and this time I did have to censor something Jason said.  However, my editing skills are so sharp you will have no clue anything has happened.

Episode 28: Making Music

For this episode we go to Acoustic Music Works, a shop people travel from far and wide to visit.  There we talk to Raymond Morin, who is a luthier, and his apprentice Adam Rousseau.  Not only do they explain what a luthier is, we have a fascinating conversation about what goes into making an acoustic guitar.  We also discuss the difference between a shop like Acoustic Music Works and the Strip Mall Monolith Music Store, how making instruments changes the way one experiences other aspects of music, and I find someone else who had a childhood love of Bloom County.

You can find out more about Acoustic Music Works from their web site.  Acoustic Music Works is on Twitter. You can hear more from Raymond through his excellent blog called Work and Worry. Finally, longtime listeners of the podcast remember Adam from his great band Triggers.

I think we say the bad word for poop twice.