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Episode 34: Silence: The Sound of a Band That is Absolutely Something

Silence is a very exciting Pittsburgh band on the verge of a very big year.  They are a little bit crusty, a little bit gothy, and their politics are left wing, which is the better wing when you think about it.  In this podcast, we talk about their two upcoming 2016 releases, and maybe somebody remembered to mention their cross country tour this summer.  We also talk about why The Rolling Stones are evil but not in a cool way.  Also, there was a thunderstorm in February.

We listen to two of their songs.  “War Drums” will be available on their album The Deafening Sound of Absolutely Nothing from Profane Existence Records in April.  “Swimming with Boys” is from their EP due later in the year.  This version of “Swimming with Boys” was recorded live for the WRCT show Advanced Calculus, and it is available from the Silence Bandcamp page.  The Silence Facebook page is the best way to follow the band’s adventures and release schedule.

We swear a lot.

Finally, this podcast seems long.  That’s because it has a hidden track.  I was getting levels and everyone was being too funny.  It’s perfect for anyone who wonders what happens before I do my intro, which is no one.

Episode 33: St. Paul: A New Formalist Close Reading

Okay, so we don’t do a true new formalist close reading, but Mike Miller of Endless Mike and the Beagle Club stops by for an intimate conversation about his wonderful new record St. Paul.

During our time together, I give that record what might be the most painfully awkward record review in history.  We also talk about why everyone should read Margaret Atwood, why the Learn and Play Puppy is the gateway to terror, how The Beagle Club is on their way to the World Series, and it is revealed why between now and March 4, 2016 I am the most important person in the world!

You really, really should buy St. Paul from the A-F Records web-store. You can follow all things Beagle Club from their Facebook page.  And while you’re at it, isn’t it time you joined the Beagle Club Club?

Swearing is pretty much a mandatory condition of being on the podcast at this point.

Episode 33: Accumulating Interest

Janette Schafer is a banker, and we talk about why you should care about banking.  We also discuss how and why financial literacy and creativity are the same sides of the same coin.  She also has this amazing collaboration with other playwrights called The Beautiful Cadaver Project, which you can find out about from their website or their Facebook.

Cadavers and banking are serious business, but we still swear.

Episode 32: There’s a Man Named Brook Pridemore.

In this episode Brook Pridemore and Derek Zanetti stop by to talk to us about what it means to draw from personal experiences when making art.  In the process, we talk about the complexities of putting one’s personal life on display, the tyranny of perfection that a lot of Americans live under, and Brook has one hell of a story about meeting Bill O’Reilly.

Brook Pridemore’s website is a great place to find out all about him. You can also buy his amazing record Brook Pridemore’s Gory Details on the Brook Pridemore Bandcamp page.  The Brook Pridemore YouTube channel will soon feature a video for every song on his latest album. He is also worth following on Twitter and Facebook.

Derek will be back soon, and until then you should keep up with The Homeless Gospel Choir on Facebook and through A-F Records.

As always, we swear.