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Episode 36: The Clothes Make the Team

For this episode the funny and knowledgeable Doug Keklak to talk about sports uniforms and how good teams can get away with looking bad.

In the process we talk about baseball greats Larry McWilliams and Floyd Rayford; how important baseball cards were before cable TV and the Internet; and just how horrid the New England Patriots look.

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Somehow, I think that’s two episodes without an F-bomb, but I don’t remember.

Episode 35: Silhouettes

Bonnie Resinski was part of the creative force at the theatre at St. Francis University for 46 years, and a huge influence on my life.  In her spare time, she created an amazing one-woman show that chronicles 100 years of women’s fashion.  In this episode, she speaks about how fashion is a mix of style, technology, economics, and values. Bonnie makes a solid case for not wearing polyester  no matter how low the price of oil goes.  We also pause to do research and feed a cat.  I reveal why I can’t act while wearing Fruit of the Loom boxer-briefs, and we determine that perhaps the best copy of Dickens’ Christmas Carol would be bound in human skin.

There will be a booking email for Silhouettes posted on here soon, and somehow I don’t think anyone swears.  Not 100% on that though.