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Episode 40: Enter the Skullcast 8

Skull Fest is a punk festival that draws fans and performers from around the world to Pittsburgh.  Dusty Hanna is the principal organizer and lead singer for the great Pittsburgh Peace Goth Punk band Silence.  He stops by to tell everyone about the great things in store for Skull Fest 8: Skulls in Space.  In the process we talk about what punk means, what it’s like to accidentally start a festival, and somewhere in the bottom 5 is a story about a severed fox head.

Skull Fest 8 will be held in various locations around Pittsburgh on August 18th to 21st.  Tickets can be found at the Skull Fest Web Site and at Cruel Noise Records in Polish Hill.  You can find out more on The Official Skull Fest 8 Facebook Event Page.

As always, there is swearing.