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Episode 45: The Human Canvas

Lori Howsare performs under the moniker The Mad Muse, and part of her madness is to explore the fringes of what is acceptable, which in these times means such crazy ideas as unconditional love.  This exploration includes spoken word, grand guignol theatre, and writing things on naked people.

We talk about all of these things, plus the value of risk and empathy in art.  We also become grumpy old people before your ears.

To keep up with The Mad Muse, check out The Mad Muse Official Facebook Page, The Made Muse website, and become her Patreon.

As always, we swear.

Episode 44: Bridges of Poetry

The extremely talented Jason Baldinger and Kristofer Collins stop by to discuss The Bridge Series, a series of poetry readings and public gatherings to raise money for, and spread the word about, organizations that are helping people in the Trump era.

The first of the series is occurring Wednesday, February 22nd 2017 at 8 PM at the Brillobox at 4104 Penn Ave. in Pittsburgh, and it will benefit Be Well Pittsburgh, an organization dedicated to helping folks without healthcare get access to healthcare.

You can find more out about this particular reading (featuring Tony Norman, Jan Beatty, and Adriana Ramirez) from The Bridge Series event on Facebook.  Further readings (until at least November 2017) will occur at the Brillobox on the last Wednesday of the month.  You can stay up to date by following The Bridge Series on Facebook.

Also, Jason and Kristofer read us some of their fantastic poetry. Jason gets unapologetically radical, and we discuss the meaning of poetry in the age of Trump.

Jason Baldinger is the author of several books, and you can hear him read more at Jason’s Bandcamp page.  Kristofer Collins is the editor of Low Ghost Press when he is not writing his own fantastic books of poems.

As always we swear.  Jason swears a lot and says many other things not for the faint of heart.


Episode 43: Breakup Songs, With Horns

Breakup Songs, With Horns is the new EP from Brooklyn-based via Detroit musical wunderkind Brook Pridemore. In this episode, we discuss the ephemeral nature of pop music, why it’s okay to like Insane Clown Posse, Brook’s roadie Justin loses his coffee in my office, and Brook confesses that there are no actual horns on the album.  We also get to hear his song “For the Worst of it.”

You can buy this new EP and other music at Brook Pridemore’s Bandcamp Page.  You should follow Brook Pridemore on Twitter, and he writes regularly for The Sympathizer.

I believe Brook was on his best behavior, but as usual I swear.