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Episode 47: Let’s Get Physical (Media)

For this episode The One and Only Matt Miller stops by to talk about his forthcoming cassette release for his band Small Pollen entitled El Cortisone La Corazon.  For this cassette, he’s going to insert dried, pressed flowers into all 150 cassettes (for real).  Also, joining us is Derek Zanetti of (and also who is) The Homeless Gospel Choir.

During our conversation we talk about unique recording methods, the value of physical media, intimacy in music, and we do The Bottom 5 Family Feud style.

You an find Matt’s stuff on the Small Pollen Bandcamp page, and Derek’s stuff can be found at The Homeless Gospel Choir’s page with the Big Cartel.

There is swearing as usual.

Episode 46: Salmon with Earworms

For this episode, I got to sit down with the excellent folk rock group Pairdown in their practice space.  Pairdown performs exquisite songs full of hooks, immaculate playing, and harmony.  Their new album Reach to Ring is out on April 14, 2017, and the Pairdown Reach to Ring LP release show is April 18, 2017 at Club Cafe in Pittsburgh.  During our conversation I get to indulge my geek love for the band, we discuss why folk rock is or isn’t really what they do, and a surprisingly frisky debate breaks out over which one is worse, hydro-fracking or mp3s.

I don’t remember swearing, but you know how it is.