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Episode 49: Muskrat Friday Dinner

Scott Silsbe stops by to talk about his fantastic new collection of poems entitled Muskrat Friday Dinner, and yes, the title really does refer to the act of eating muskrats on Friday for dinner.

Now that’s out of the way, I am also happy to say that we also have a very in depth conversation about the writing and publishing process and Scott proves that he is a great reader of his own poems several times over.

Muskrat Friday Dinner will be available on (I’ll edit in the link when it’s a go), or you could get it from his publisher White Gorilla Press, or better yet, you should buy it at the official book launch party at the Brillobox at 4104 Penn Ave. on Saturday May 27th at 8 PM.  Accompanying Scott’s reading will be his band Pond Hockey, a mummy surf rock outfit called Mummula, and writers Lori Jakiela and Dave Newman will be reading too!

I swear, because of course I do.

Episode 48: It’s Been Recorded

John Charney is an accomplished guitarist and music director.  We are both passionate about our music fandom, but the venn diagram of our musical tastes has very little overlap.  In this podcast (recorded on location in St. Michael’s Cemetery in Loretto, Pennsylvania on a perfect spring afternoon) we have a very civil dialog about what we love about music, what we listen for in music, and what a difference a few years difference in birth year makes.   I also tell the origin story of our friendship, which involves an A-ha song that is not “Take on Me”, and we bond over a mutual disdain of Bruce Springsteen.

I swear, because of course I do.