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Episode 55: You Can’t Go to Heaven Until You Spend Some Time in Hell

Friend of the podcast Bill Toms stops by to discuss his excellent new album Good for My Soul.  In the process of me exploring my geek love for his music, we explore Bill’s musical influences, the difference between love and infatuation, and Bill surprises me with a literary connection that I should have seen all along.

You can find out about all things Bill Toms from his official website. Updates can also be found at Bill’s Facebook Page, and please do consider going to one or both of the Good for My Soul LP Release Shows, on October 20th and 21st in 2017 at Club Cafe in Pittsburgh.

I don’t think we swear, but it’s just too much of a pain to take the explicit tag off in iTunes.

Episode 54: This is Work

“This is Work” is the title of the first poem in Kristofer Collins’ excellent new book Salsa Night at Hilo Town Tavern from Hyacinth Girl Press.  Joining Kristofer and I is Hyacinth Girl Press head Margaret Bashaar.  During this podcast we discuss the book, editorial control, and Roland Barthes’ notion of the death of the author, which was super awkward because he was sitting in the room.

Salsa Night at Hilo Town Tavern will be available for the first time at the book launch party at the White Whale Bookstore in Pittsburgh on Saturday, August 26, 2017 at 7 PM.  It will also be available through the Hyacinth Girl Press webpage. You should also check out the Hyacinth Girl Press Facebook page for more updates, and while you are wasting time on the net, check out the Low Ghost Press blog page, as they have something big in the works.

As always, I swear, though not a lot.

Episode 53: The Almost Sound of Snow Falling

Robert Walicki is a fantastic poet, who also happens to be a plumber.  In this podcast we discuss what it means to be a working class poet, Robert reads a few poems, and we discuss poetry in this era of US history.  Also, we get deep into his creative process for anyone who wants to know how it’s done.

Robert’s latest book is entitled The Almost Sound of Snow Falling, available through Nightballet Press.  His other book is entitled A Room Full of Trees and can be bought from Red Bird Chapbooks.  He is also curator of the Versify Reading Series.  And Robert will be reading with Nancy Chen Long and Angele Ellis at City of Asylum on October 26th at 40 W. North Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15212.

As always, I swear.  Oh and read these poems too, they’re really good.