Episode 27: Reincarnation Back on the Agenda

For this episode, my friend and future ex-office mate Michael Begnal stops by to discuss his unique life journey. Mike is currently a college professor and poet. However, in previous lives he’s been a drummer in the hardcore band Wasted Talent and once did odd jobs in Ireland.  During our conversation we discuss his various creative endeavors, the virtues of Jackass, Fred Wilpon’s tenure as principal owner of the New York Mets, the ways American culture can be found in Ireland, and Mike reads us a poem he wrote in Gaelic!

You can find out about all things Michael Begnal at his blog.  You can also buy his books Future Blues and Ancestor Worship from his publisher Salmon Poetry.  The recorded output of Wasted Talent will soon be available via Going Underground Records.

As always, I swear.