Episode 54: This is Work

“This is Work” is the title of the first poem in Kristofer Collins’ excellent new book Salsa Night at Hilo Town Tavern from Hyacinth Girl Press.  Joining Kristofer and I is Hyacinth Girl Press head Margaret Bashaar.  During this podcast we discuss the book, editorial control, and Roland Barthes’ notion of the death of the author, which was super awkward because he was sitting in the room.

Salsa Night at Hilo Town Tavern will be available for the first time at the book launch party at the White Whale Bookstore in Pittsburgh on Saturday, August 26, 2017 at 7 PM.  It will also be available through the Hyacinth Girl Press webpage. You should also check out the Hyacinth Girl Press Facebook page for more updates, and while you are wasting time on the net, check out the Low Ghost Press blog page, as they have something big in the works.

As always, I swear, though not a lot.