Episode 43: Breakup Songs, With Horns

Breakup Songs, With Horns is the new EP from Brooklyn-based via Detroit musical wunderkind Brook Pridemore. In this episode, we discuss the ephemeral nature of pop music, why it’s okay to like Insane Clown Posse, Brook’s roadie Justin loses his coffee in my office, and Brook confesses that there are no actual horns on the album.  We also get to hear his song “For the Worst of it.”

You can buy this new EP and other music at Brook Pridemore’s Bandcamp Page.  You should follow Brook Pridemore on Twitter, and he writes regularly for The Sympathizer.

I believe Brook was on his best behavior, but as usual I swear.

Episode 32: There’s a Man Named Brook Pridemore.

In this episode Brook Pridemore and Derek Zanetti stop by to talk to us about what it means to draw from personal experiences when making art.  In the process, we talk about the complexities of putting one’s personal life on display, the tyranny of perfection that a lot of Americans live under, and Brook has one hell of a story about meeting Bill O’Reilly.

Brook Pridemore’s website is a great place to find out all about him. You can also buy his amazing record Brook Pridemore’s Gory Details on the Brook Pridemore Bandcamp page.  The Brook Pridemore YouTube channel will soon feature a video for every song on his latest album. He is also worth following on Twitter and Facebook.

Derek will be back soon, and until then you should keep up with The Homeless Gospel Choir on Facebook and through A-F Records.

As always, we swear.