Episode 47: Let’s Get Physical (Media)

For this episode The One and Only Matt Miller stops by to talk about his forthcoming cassette release for his band Small Pollen entitled El Cortisone La Corazon.  For this cassette, he’s going to insert dried, pressed flowers into all 150 cassettes (for real).  Also, joining us is Derek Zanetti of (and also who is) The Homeless Gospel Choir.

During our conversation we talk about unique recording methods, the value of physical media, intimacy in music, and we do The Bottom 5 Family Feud style.

You an find Matt’s stuff on the Small Pollen Bandcamp page, and Derek’s stuff can be found at The Homeless Gospel Choir’s page with the Big Cartel.

There is swearing as usual.

Episode 38: Any Alternative

Greg Murray is a lawyer by day and creator of energetic songs about frustration by night.  He stops by to talk about his cassette 33/34, which I am somehow unable to figure out how to say.  We sample the song “The Riverside” and discuss how creativity is a kind of stewardship.  There’s also mild swearing and the fantastic tale of the end of the universe.  Finally, no one is allowed to eat a tuna melt after I am dead.

You should try to hear all of 33/34 at Greg Murray’s Bandcamp Page where you can download the songs or contact him to buy a tape.