Episode 59: Bah Humbug

Celebrating the holidays We’re All Gonna Die style, Jason Baldinger and Stephanie Brea stop by to talk about the Bah Humbug Reading that’s happening Sunday night (Dec, 17, 2017) at 8 at the Brillobox.  Jason is no stranger to the pod, and you’ll all get to know Stephanie better around Valentine’s Day.

In our conversation we discuss the unique pressures of living and working during the holidays.  We also speak of the merits of books that end in the word “head” and why burning is worse than drowning.  We also preview works that will be on stage Sunday night (yes folks, your faithful host will be reading too).  We hope to see you at Bah Humbug, the $5 suggested donation benefits the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank at a crucial moment during the holiday season.

Swearing as usual.

Episode 50: Fumbles Revelations

Four time guest Jason Baldinger is here to promote his new book Fumbles Revelations on Grackle and Crow Press which is affiliated with the Lilliput Review.  Jason is also the co-coordinator of The Bridge Series, a monthly reading series at The Brillobox at 4104 Penn Ave. in Pittsburgh that brings together people from the literary and activist communities on the last Wednesday of every month.  Jason is also author of the excellent books The Lady Pittsburgh, The Studs Terkel Blues, The Whisky Rebellion (with Jerome Crooks), and The Lower Forty-Eight.  Some of these books can be found around Pittsburgh’s fine book shops, but can also be purchased if you email Jason at underwaterculprit@hotmail.com.

The Fumbles Revelations book launch party is Friday, June 30, 2017 at Nine Stories Pittsburgh at 5400 Butler St.

Of course we talk about many other things, and I cannot help but swear.