Episode 56: Love Poems, Nothing but Love Poems

We have four guests this time out to talk about a great new anthology of poems entitled Unconditional Surrender from Low Ghost Press.  We have editors Kristofer Collins and Scott Silsbe, as well as contributors Stephanie Brea and Richard Gegick. Stephanie and Richard read their contributions.  Kristofer and Scott discuss the construction of this beautiful, surprising, sad, and tender collection.  In the process I get on my high horse about being confident in your creativity, we reference Roland Barthes several times, and we find out which of our guests would like to see what Stalin would think of Frank Sinatra.

You can (and really, really freakin’ should) buy the collection at a number of Pittsburgh’s fine independent bookstores as well as directly from Low Ghost Press through Amazon. Also, check out Low Ghost Press on Facebook for details about the December book launch event.

I’m not the only one who swears this time.

Episode 42: Scott Silsbe’s Handprints

Scott Silsbe is a fantastic poet.  He also edits The New Yinzer.  In our time together we discuss his fantastic books of poetry The River Underneath the City on Low Ghost Press and Unattended Fire on Six Gallery Press.  Scott reads his fantastic poems including “What a Sad Christmas,” I pontificate about cave paintings in France, and what it means to move to Pittsburgh.  Finally, we realize that someday you will only be able to hear this podcast on vinyl.

As always, I swear.

Oh and don’t smoke in bed.